International Speaker 25 June 2021

Scientific Bases of Endoscopic Spine Surgery

13th NEIWS

Panelist - 20th March 2021,Birtamode

Lumbar PIVD

KH-ASSN Spine Conference & Workshop

Chairperson Panel discussion , Birtamode, 20th March 2021

Thoracolumbar Spine Injuries

KH-ASSN Spine Conference & Workshop

Faculty: KH-ASSN Spine Conference & Workshop, Birtamode, 20th March 2021

KH- ASSN Spine Conference & Workshop

Member organizing committee - Nov, 2020, Kathmandu

6th ASSN Annual conference webinar

Chairperson, Panelist, Facilitator , Zoom

B& B Alumni Spine Webinar

Member organizing committee - 2019 , Kathmandu

5th ASSN conference, Kathmandu

Presentation at Rotary Program, Sept 2019, Kathmandu

Low Back Pain

Rotary Program

Faculty- Aug 2019, UCMS, Bhairahawa

ASSN Cadaver Spine course

Faculty- Aug 2019, N. Delhi, India

Sir Gangaram Hospital Spine operative course

Invited Guest - May 2019, Seoul, Korea

7th Asian Congress MISST

Faculty - May 2019 ,Bharatpur

ASSN CME on Spine (Infection& Injury)

Member organizing committee - Biratnagar, Feb 2019, Nepal

Orthocon 2019

Member organizing committee - , Nov 2018, Kathmandu

4thHimalayan Spine Symposium, Annual conference of ASSN

Invited Faculty-, August 2018 , Amritsar, India

ICS 2018

Invited Faculty- 2018, Seoul, Korea


Faculty- July 2018 ,BPKIHS, Dharan, Nepal

Thoracolumbar Spinal Work shop

Member scientific committee, Feb 2018, Nepal

Orthocon 2018

Member organizing committee, Oct 2017, Kathmandu

3rd Himalayan Spine Symposium, Annual conference of ASSN

Guest Lecturer, Kathmandu,Nepal, 8-9 Sept., 2012

Wires, Hook, Screws: Which, when and how?

AO Spine Principles Symposium

Guest lecturer , Kathmandu, Nepal, 22-23 April, 2011

Implant Biomechanics: wire, hook, screw

AO Spine Principles Symposium